Gigi Sabani (1983–1986)
Iva Zanicchi (1987–2000)


  • Telegatto 1984 Best TV Game Show (nomination)
  • Telegatto 1985 Best TV Game Show (nomination)


Game show aired on Mediaset from December 1983 to April 2001.
It’s been one of Mediaset’s longest-running programs (21 editions), adaptation of the US format “The Price Is Right”. The first host was Gigi Sabani until December 1986, but the most remembered is Iva Zanicchi, who hosted the quiz show for 13 years, from 1987 to 2000.
Each episode has 4 constants chosen from an audience of 100-150 viewers. The episode is divided into two sequences, each consisting of multiple objects-invitations and games and a run of the Revolving Wheel. From each run of the Wheel, finalists are selected to compete in the final part of the program, the Final Showcases.