FTM Entertainment

It’s a company involved in wide-ranging television productions: from format acquisition to the conception and realization of original projects. It operates both in Italy and abroad. Ensuring the quality of projects is Fatma Ruffini who, thanks to her great experience, leads a team of professionals and collaborators specialized in entertainment, capable of finding new and original solutions for all needs.

Fatma Ruffini

In 2013, after a career studded with the successful broadcasts listed on this site, she became a Mediaset consultant and founded FTM Entertainment.


Described as one of the most influential and esteemed ladies of Italian TV, Fatma Ruffini (born in Reggio nell’Emilia, graduated in History of Art) began her career as a record producer, then took care of public relations for “Ricordi”, an italian label.

She made her TV debut as an author of the show “Scatola musicale”, produced for Swiss television, which was followed by other music programs for Antenna Nord and Antenna 3.

At the birth of Canale 5 she joined Fininvest (later Mediaset) and worked closely with Silvio Berlusconi, creating programs and schedules from the beginning of his entrepreneur’s adventure.

Until 2013, she was Program Executive of Mediaset television networks, as well as Program Director and RTI Sit-Som Director.

She was the first television Executive to import and popularize in Italy formats of foreign programs (the first was “The price is right!”) that readapted to the Italian context, proved to be successes that gave a precise identity to the Fininvest Networks

When Berlusconi founded the French channel La Cinq, he entrusted entertainment to Fatma Ruffini, who was later also the creator of the first programs aired on the newly created Spanish network TeleCinco.

Appointed Head of Format for the Finivest (later Mediaset) networks, she toured markets around the world in search of winning television formulas: from the U.S. she imported the idea for Il Gioco delle Coppie and The Wheel of Fortune, and from Holland that for Strangelove.