1992: Teo Teocoli & Gene Gnocchi with Gabriella Labate & Angela Melillo
1993: Teo Teocoli & Gene Gnocchi with Pamela Prati
1994: Teo Teocoli & Massimo Boldi with Pamela Prati
1995: Teo Teocoli, Massimo Lopez & Simona Ventura
1997: Massimo Lopez & Lello Arena with Elenoire Casalegno
1999: Simona Ventura & Marco Columbro
2002: Teo Teocoli, Massimo Boldi & Michelle Hunziker
2003: Teo Teocoli with Anna Maria Barbera & Manuela Arcuri
2005: Diego Abatantuono, Massimo Boldi & Alessia Marcuzzi
2007: Claudio Amendola with Valeria Marini & Cristina Chiabotto
2009: Claudio Amendola & Teo Mammucari with Belén Rodríguez
2012: Luca Bizzarri & Paolo Kessisoglu
2014: Paolo Bonolis


  • Telegatto 1993 Revelation TV Show of the Year
  • Telegatto 1994 Best TV Variety Show
  • Telegatto 1994 Best Prank to Marco Balestri


TV Show created by Fatma Ruffini, airing from 1992 to 2012. Such a popular phenomenon, that it has entered common parlance to say You’re on Scherzi a parte! (All Kidding Aside!) when you find yourself in a paradoxical situation.
In the format, the authors agree with some accomplices to play a prank on the victim, a chosen VIP from the world of entertainment, film, music, journalism and politics.