Alessandro Besentini: Ale
Francesco Villa: Franz
Other entertainers: Alessandro Besentini, Francesco Villa, Alessandro Betti, Paolo Pierobon, Lucilla Agosti, Laura Barriales, Giancarlo Kalabrugovic, Nicola Stravalaci


Rinaldo Gaspari


Innovative TV Show  that mixes theater, TV show and sit-com.
Based on the art of improvisation, with absolute stars Ale & Franz who only know the starting point of the plot and have to stage the sequel.
Driving the plot is a prompter-vip who communicates with them through an earpiece. Only the actor and the public at home hear the suggestion; the studio audience in the room reads it on a big screen.
Many episodes feature a surprise guest, an improvisational talent also guided by the prompts. Each episode lasts 20 minutes and only the location is recurrent: it is set at Ale’s place, where Franz has moved in, forcing the two of them to live in an apartment building frequented by unpredictable characters.