Sandra Mondaini & Raimondo Vianello (1988-1990)
Gerry Scotti (1990-1992)
Enrico Papi (2004)


Quiz show aired from 1988 to 1992 and in 2004, inspired by the US format “Hollywood Squares”.
Hosted first by Raimondo Vianello then by Gerry Scotti on Channel Five and then taken over by Enrico Papi in Italia Uno’s access prime time. Nine VIPs housed on a board called a “condominium” of three rows by three take part in the game. The contestants take turns choosing a character who would read an anecdote and then ask if it was true or false. The contestant who completed a tic-tac-toe would win the heat. At the end of three heats, the leading contestant would choose from five keys. If the key lit the car up for grabs, he or she would win it.