Marco Columbro


Rinaldo Gaspari (1987–1988)
Roberto Meneghin (1988–1989)


  • Telegatto 1988 Revelation TV show of the year
  • Telegatto 1989 Best Male TV host
  • Telegatto 1989 Best TV Game Show
  • Telegatto 1990 Best TV Game Show


Game show TV hit programmed in access primetime. It debuted in September 1987 with Marco Columbro as host and ended after four editions in 1991.
This show played an important role in Canale’s schedule, clashing with Rai’s TG1 and TG2. Based on the U.S. format “The Newlywed Game”, it featured on each episode three married couples who had to answer a series of questions, posed first to their husbands and then to their wives (and vice versa) without being heard. Matching answers increased the prize money.
Also Celebrity Special Editions featuring famous couples.