Diego Dalla Palma

Directed by

Roberto Burchielli (firs edition)
Enzo Pirrone (second edition)

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Hello Beauty! It is the new show by Diego Della Palma, the prophet of made-in-Italy make-up (according to a historic definition in the New York Times), who investigates the authenticity of women’s beauty.

During the episodes we tackle a journey in search of a look that is for the protagonists of our program, a source of pride, confidence and boast.
Among the many stories, all under the banner of emotion and sentiment, Dalla Palma outlines a double portrait of our heroines: the first through the women’s description of themselves and the second the result of what they tell the host from acquaintances and relatives, because beauty is not perceived only from an image, but above all from the emotions of those who look at us.

All this – filtered through the gaze and advice of Diego Dalla Palma and combined with the experience a technical team – gives rise to a new look for each of the protagonists. On a path, sometimes challenging, but sure to impress. Toward authentic beauty, greater serenity, and a harmony between one’s inner and outer image.