Simonetta De Luca,
Stella Giannicola,
Noemi Letizia,
Daniela Sabella,
Raffaella Siervo,
Maria Consiglio Visco Marigliano,

Directed by

Enzo Pirrone

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The worldwide acclaimed series The Real Housewives lands in Naples, to introduce us to a side of the city that had never been seen before! All through the eyes of the six talents: Daniela, Maria Consiglio, Noemi, Raffaella, Simonetta and Stella. Six women from high society and nobility, who live dreamy lives among swimming pools, shopping, exclusive parties and champagne.
In the series the protagonists will be seen facing the joys and difficulties of their extraordinary lives: someone will try to launch a new business, someone will see the end of their romance approaching, and someone else will be grappling with organizing spectacular parties. We will see these women go from heels to race cars, from cosmetic surgery to a makeup challenge, from the hottest spa in Capri … to the best pizzeria in the city.
Welcome to the fantastic world of the Real Housewives of Naples!